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Dirty Beats 015 Pride Special



Tracks on Dirty Beats Pride Special

01. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Hurricane Got A Nu Thing Start Mix) - Kelly Clarkson 02. I'm Burning Up (Mike Cruz Dub Mix) - Karine Hannah & Dave Aude 03. Confident (Felipe Angel Club Mix) - Demi Lovato 04. Criminal (Fabricio Lampa Mx) - Britney Spears 05. This Is What You Came For (Mark Alvarado Remix) - Calvin Harris Feat. Rihanna 06. True Colors (Thiago Antony Remix) - Zedd Feat. Kesha 07. 7-11 (Tracy Young's Smack It In The Air Vocal) - Beyoncé 08. Don't Say You Love Me (Tom Stephan Dub Mix) - B Howard 09. Reality (Mauro Mozart Extended Mix) - Nick Martin feat. Lauren Bennett 10. Dive In The Pool (Luis Alvarado & Jose Spinnin Cortes Remix) - Barry Harris Feat. Pepper Mashay 11. Ain't Your Mama (Thiago Antony Remix) - Jennifer Lopez 12. Make Me Like You (Guy Scheiman Remix) - Gwen Stefani 13. Alive (David Harry Remix) - Sia 14. Blindfolds (Myke Rossi Remix) - Rilan Feat. Naz Tokio 15. Fascinated (Ronald R. & Wilgenis V Remember Mix) - Suzanne Palmer 16. Formation (Dario Xavier Club Remix) - Beyonce 17. This Joy (Rosabel's Razor N Guido Tribute Mix) - Vernessa Mitchell 18. Focus (Alex Acosta Remix) - Ariana Grande 19. Dangerous Woman (Carlos Gallardo Club Mix) - Ariana Grande 20. Power (Gonna Get U Boy) - Guy Scheiman

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